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Pro Bono Legal advice

If you are facing criminal charges in Dubai,

it can be overwhelming when you cannot afford legal advice, especially if you do not speak the language in which law is being practiced, and if you are not sure of the manner in which criminal proceedings take place.


In Dubai, you are only afforded a lawyer whose fees are to be incurred by the Emirate if you are accused of a felony punishable by a death sentence or life imprisonment. The accused in a felony punished by provisional imprisonment may also ask the court to provide him with an attorney in his defence, after verifying his financial inability to hire a lawyer.* This is in spite of the fact that there are misdemeanors in Dubai which can carry fines that amount to AED500,000 and can result in the imprisonment and deportation of the accused.


The mere processing of a criminal complaint by Dubai Police can result in a travel ban imposed on the accused. The goal of this platform is to be able to provide assistance, on a pro bono basis, to those who are facing the bewilderment brought about by a criminal charge in Dubai.


I believe that the ease with which criminal charges can be brought forward against tourists, residents, and citizens in Dubai, should be counterbalanced by ease of access to critical legal advice.


If you are a practicing attorney in Dubai, and would like to lend a helping hand to those in need, please reach out and let us work together to advocate for justice.


Safi Roshdy, Founder

"For the conviction of the accused every weapon is provided and used, even those poisoned by wrong and injustice. But what machinery is provided for the defense of the innocent? None, absolutely none."

- Clara Shortridge Foltz, 1893